HD camera with Temperature Sensor

This product uses thermal imaging technique for non-contact temperature measurement to achieve long-distance rapid measurement application. It can be used in public gathering places such as schools, shops, restaurant, cinema, supermarkets, rail stations, etc., for public epidemic prevention and for daily temperature measurement needs, especially in current epidemic period. By company’s AI technology and algorithm, we make the cost low enough for affordability.

1. No-stop real-time temperature measurement, accuracy +-0.3oC degrees. (no black body required)
2. Temperature range: up to 5 meters.
3. AI technology, catching forehead temperature, mask detection and voice warning.
4. Vocal temperature normal/abnormal announcement. Label green or red temperature for normal or abnormal temperature. Additional sound and light alarm if high temperature detected with face captured sending through network to the computer.
5. Dual Lens : German Imported Infrared Lens and million pixels HD Camera.
6. Remote Control Function Menu, temperature correction by adjustable compensation for more accurate temperature measurement.